Katie Couric

First off, I don’t watch network TV, and although I’m on several gun forums, I somehow missed that Katie Couric had made an anti-gun doc called “Under the Gun”.  That being said, it looks as though in the process of filming the piece they violated several Federal Gun laws.


Yes, they were able to do everything they did, but that’s basically because they did everything the way a criminal would do it.  So….what did they prove?  They proved criminals can get easily their hands on guns, since what they were, criminals, they broke the law.  They did not prove that law abiding citizens could buy firearms out of the back of a car in a parking lot.

So the question now is will Katie Couric or anyone else face charges?  It looks like the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Second Amendment Foundation are pushing the ATF to prosecute the show producer, we’ll see if anything comes of it.  I tend to doubt it.  When Anderson Cooper did something similar a few years ago on his show, nothing happened.  One believes that if Megan Kelley or Sean Hannity did the same thing the DOJ would be all over them before the episode was off the air.

I will keep you updated.



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