Katie Couric

First off, I don’t watch network TV, and although I’m on several gun forums, I somehow missed that Katie Couric had made an anti-gun doc called “Under the Gun”.  That being said, it looks as though in the process of filming the piece they violated several Federal Gun laws. http://www.ammoland.com/2016/06/under-the-gun-director-soechtig-confesses-to-federal-crimes/#axzz4B6KHzCnU Yes, they were able to … [Read more…]

“What if I am Afraid of Firearms?”

Different people think of different things when they hear the word gun or firearm.  Some might think of the item itself.  Others might think of the excitement of shooting at the range.  For others it might bring up a fearful memory or other emotions. One way to deal with this fear, is to face it … [Read more…]

Fashion Friday


I’ll be going to the range this weekend.  I’m probably wearing something along these lines.  When you go to the range, be sure to wear closed shoes.  Wear a top that goes up pretty far, you really don’t want a shell flying into your shirt, OUCH!  Some will say wear long sleeves, others will say … [Read more…]

Women with Firearms


According to a study by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the number of women is growing like crazy!  And I couldn’t be happier! It means women are realizing their safety is not their fathers’, husbands’, or a policeman’s responsibility, it is their own. This article give a bunch of great tips, not just for women, … [Read more…]

Welcome to Carry Couture

Here you will find news and discussion about carrying your firearm. This is my place to talk about (mostly) women’s concealed carry. I will post links to articles and studies. I will use Polyvore and show outfits that I may, or may not, wear and will tell you what type of holster(s) will work with … [Read more…]